E-therm UF-500

E-therm UF-500 is a unique under-floor insulation product that can be installed either at the building stage or as a retro-fit to existing buildings. It is manufactured from closed cell low density polyethylene foam that has a premium quality, highly reflective aluminium foil on both sides.

The foam has a high resistance to conducting heat and the aluminium foil will reflect up to 97% of heat either upwards or downwards, making this the ideal insulation product for both hot and cold seasons. E-therm UF-500 is also GreenStar compliant and avoids the use of any Ozone depleting substances in both the manufacture and composition of the product. Making E-therm a truly “Green” product is the fact that it also contains up to 50% recycled content. Advantages include the following;

  • A cost effective solution to underfloor insulation
  • Can be easily retro-fitted to older homes
  • High R-value for efficient insulation results (R4.05w)
  • Breathable product to prevent moisture build-up
  • Contains re-cycled materials & is GreenStar compliant