November, 2018
Thermotec meets Green Star & Green Building Council of Australia Low VOC Requirements

Thermotec is proud to announce that we have successfully tested and met all Green Star low VOC Compliance requirements for our NuWrap 5, E-therm, 4-Zero, E-flex ST & E-Flex HT, T65 Impact Foam, and Ductwrap products.

Thermotec is proud to implement green technologies, practices and operations to reduce our environmental impact, improve staff health and productivity, whilst achieving real cost savings and demonstrating efficient sustainability building practices.

Feb, 2019
Thermotec MAXTAPE FR Insulating Foam Tape New Sizes

MAXTAPE FR is made from EPDM insulating foam sheet and specially coated with selected acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive to ensure good tacking strength and long service life. It is closed cell, lightweight, having stable and low thermal conductivity value which serves the insulating purpose in retarding heat loss, heat gain and condensation protection. MAXRAPE FR is Fire Rated EPDM foam tape. UV Resistant, available in 50mm & 98mm width

MAXTAPE FR is also ideal for use as a Purlin Tape and will ensure reduction of all thermal movement noises, on steel framed buildings, with no deterioration over time.For more information Click Here.

April, 2013
Black Backing Rod Now Available

Thermotec Closed Cell Black Backing Rod is manufactured from closed cell low density polyethylene foam. The product is manufactured in a range of sizes and has excellent compression and recovery properties with low visibility making it ideal for the glazing & facades industries. For more information Click Here