NuWave™ Impact Foam

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Noise transmission through walls and floors is one of the most commonly reported causes of noise complaints in commercial and multi-residential buildings. NuWave™ Impact foam for floors will drastically reduce this problem.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) now includes impact isolation for floors. NuWave™ foam for floors and walls has energy absorbing foam and sound barrier composites. It’s available for timber and concrete floors and walls, it exceeds the BCA impact isolation benchmark by a large margin. Include NuWave™ Impact Foam it is the ideal acoustic solution for your next project.

Impact T65 Panel for flat and dry areas.
(10mm thick panel, tile can direct stick to panel. 10mm x 900mm x 1.2mtr) Field Test Result Ln,r,w’ = 54 +

Impact Foam T65 for concrete floors.
(5mm thick foam applied under the tiling screed in any hard surface area. 5mm x 1mtr x 50mtr) Field Test Result L’nT,w+Cι = 53 +


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