Thermotec’s direct extruded polyethylene foam planks are a proven product with a wide variety of applications. Plankfoam is lightweight, resilient, tough, waterproof and resists ageing, rotting and chemicals.

Available in a full range of densities, thicknesses and colors. Thermotec Plankfoam is re-usable and recyclable.

Cushion Packaging Protection protects against single and multiple impacts and vibration. This type of packaging ensures appropriate protection with a minimum of foam.

Component Parts A material for products requiring shock absorbing, vibration dampening, insulating, barrier or buoyancy component.

  • Floating Covers
  • Component Separators
  • Archery Targets
  • Life Jackets
  • Case Inserts
  • Ammunition Filler
  • Reduce noise vibration
  • Insulation
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