Sealant Backing Rod - Open CellSealant Backing Rod - Open Cell

Open Cell Backing Rod

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Thermotec open cell backer rod is fabricated from medium density polyurethane foam. Suitable for expansion / construction joints, tilt slab construction and caulking. horizontal and vertical joints and sealing of internal wall joints.

Product Range

Thermotec open cell backer is available in 6 different sizes.

10mm, 16mm, 22mm, 29mm, 38mm and 50mm.

Backer Rod Size and Quantities

Open cell backer rod is sold in varying lengths according to the size of the foam. Each length is packaged in a plastic bag and is then placed in a plastic master bag. Five master bags are then compressed into a strapped bale.





 10 mm

 210 m


 5,250 m

 16 mm

 150 m


 3,000 m

 22 mm

 100 m


 1,500 m

 29 mm

 60 m


 900 m

 38 mm

 30 m


 450 m

 50 mm

 20 m


 300 m

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