Sheet Insulation

Thermotec Insulation Sheeting is made from closed cell low density polyethylene foam, it is available in a wide range of thicknesses to suit your requirements.

Benefits to the end user and specifier of using Thermotec Insulation Sheeting are,

  • Completely free from all synthetic mineral fibres (SMFs) and therefore no special clothing including respirators is required.
  • User friendly and completely safe to handle
  • Thermotec Insulation Sheeting is an energy saving product; it has excellent energy absorbing capability and provides excellent insulation against heat loss.
  • Because the closed cell structure is impervious to moisture, no standing time is required for drying product prior to use.
  • Deadens and absorbs structural noise.
  • Insulation Sheeting is economical, as there is low wastage due to the variety of sizes available to suit all applications.
  • Thermotec Insulation Sheeting is 100% Australian Made.

Suggested Applications

Thermotec Insulation Sheeting can be used in a wide range of applications for the purposes of insulation, noise and vibration reduction and to protect against damage. Some common applications for Thermotec Insulation sheeting are as follows:

  • Tank and Water Heater Insulation
  • Underfloor Insulation (thermal & noise)
  • Vibration dampening and isolation
  • Ceiling, boot and undercarpet lining
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