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Pipe Sleeve

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Thermotec Pipe Sleeve is manufactured from closed cell low density polyethylene foam, The product is manufactured in a range of sizes and has excellent compression and recovery properties.

  • Compatible with all PVC pipe sizes from 40mm to 110mm
  • Easy & fast installation – readily cut on site
  • Excellent compression resistance – proven joint filler/expansion joint material
  • Used in de-bonding applications (full range of Rebar sizes)
  • Offers protection to pipework from ground movement
  • Available in 2 metre lengths or rolls
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Complies with AS/NZS3500.2 clause 3.8.2b – “with a liner of flexible material”
  • Complies with AS2870 C5.6.4 – “drains in footings wrapped in closed cell foam”
  • Optimum wall thickness for application (nominal 6.5mm thick wall)
  • Meets Green Building Council low VOC & zero ozone depleting substances
  • Contains recycled materials
  • Made in Australia
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