Thermotec E-flex HT Solar Hot Water Pipe InsulationThermotec E-flex HT Solar Hot Water Pipe Insulation

Thermotec E-flex™ HT Solar

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Thermotec E-flex HT is a high performance Solar Hot Water pipe insulation. It is manufactured from EPDM closed cell foam and has excellent UV resistant properties, allowing for many years of exposure outdoors without deterioration or cracking. Thermotec E-flex HT is also suitable for the higher temperatures experienced with Solar Hot Water lines and can operate at 150 degrees celsius with maximum intermittent to 175 degrees celsius. Also suitable for HVAC applications, refrigeration and general plumbing.

Thermotec E-flex HT solar pipe insulation is a flexible closed cell EPDM foam material suitable for use on hot and chilled water lines with outstanding ultraviolet and weather resistance. This product is highly flexible and provides a neat appearance when fitted to exposed water lines.


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