Thermotec S.P.I. (Styrene Pipe Insulation) ThermotecThermotec S.P.I. (Styrene Pipe Insulation) Thermotec

Thermotec S.P.I. (Styrene Pipe Insulation)

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Thermotec SPI, foil faced, closed cell EPS polystyrene foam, has a nominal density of 13.5kg/m3. And is ideally suited to insulate chilled water lines in both industrial and commercial applications. Thermotec SPI Styrene can be supplied with a wall thickness that meets the effective R-value requirement of the BCA for chilled water services calculated to AS/NZS4859.1-2002.

Wall Thickness sizes: 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 63mm & 75mm.

Diameter Pipe sizes from: 12mm to 203mm.

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