Thermotec Pilates Blue Roller

Thermotec is proud to be the only Australian manufacturer of the foam roller that is available on the market today !

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Benefits include:

  • Extruded from closed cell polyethylene foam
  • Excellent for self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques.
  • Ideal for relieving pressure and muscle tension
  • Effectively increases circulation
  • Penetrates self-massage trigger points
  • Suitable for personal use or for use during physio classes
  • Helps to strengthen and tone
  • Treat your muscles to a deep massage
  • Australian Made

The popularity of the foam roller has increased among physios and within gyms as they are ideal for self-myofascial release (SMR) techniques and are designed to relieve your muscle tightness, effectively and harmlessly. The Blue Roller is ideal for athletes, personal trainers, physio therapists or simply for personal use at home or gym.  The foam roller can also assist in preventing injuries by removing muscles tension by simply massaging away fascia buildup.

The foam rollers are best used for finding “trigger points” and leveling out these sensitive points wherever the roller does not glide well.The foam roller is considered most effective when you roll it onto the centre of your muscle wherever it may be tight (“trigger point”) and hold as this pressure will allow your brain to concentrate on where the tightness is and therefore send messages and signals to relieve it.

Product Dimensions

900mm x 150mm (nominal).

Usage Instructions

The link below shows instructions and illustrations which describe how the foam roller can be used for the selected muscle groups shown. Please ensure that you have read the instructions and warning/disclaimer message thoroughly before attempting any of these exercises. For usage instructions and product information please Click Here.

Buy in Bulk and Save

We have the option of supplying the Blue Roller in bulk packs of 11 units. To find out how you can order in bulk and save, please use the contact details for more information.