E-therm for Floors

Timber & Concrete Floors

E-therm is easy to install and provides excellent thermal performance ratings. Both 8mm and 5mm are commonly used depending on budget and thermal performance requirements. Acoustically, noise travels up through floors, especially timber. E-therm will eliminate enough noise to reduce it to an acceptable level, giving you not only a truly effective thermal insulation but also a very acceptable acoustic insulation.

Installation Timber Floors

E-therm comes in different widths and thicknesses to meet your building needs. E-therm also incorporates a 150mm foil flap on the longitudinal side of the product that can eliminate taping or overlapping in most building applications. This saves time and money during installation and provides a vapour barrier that doesn’t rely on tape for it to work.

  1. Roll and lay E-therm insulation over bearers running perpendicular.
  2. Install joist as required.
  3. Alternatively, E-therm can be installed over floor joist provided there is no structural compromise when fixing the flooring. For this process allow a nominal sag between joist.


Installation Concrete Floors

  1. Attach E-pins or battens adequately on the underside of the concrete, ensuring you use the required primer when using the E-pin system.
  2. Roll E-therm insulation out and push or fix against the pins or battens.
  3. Tape butt joins and staple the 150mm flap or alternatively tape with the supplied Thermotec tape.
  4. Cut neatly around services and penetrations to ensure tight fit.


Thermal Performance Table 
Product            Floor Type                       Summer Value   Winter Value     Design Drawing
E-therm 8mm AG Suspended Timber Floor R 1.2 R 2.8 DD015
E-therm 5mm AG Suspended Timber Floor R 1.1 R 2.7 DD016 
E-therm 8mm AG Concrete Floor R 1.2 R 2.5 DD015
E-therm 5mm AG Concrete Floor R 1.1 R 2.4 DD016