Pitched Tiled Roofs

E-therm is great for tiled roofs as it replaces heavy duty foils as well as thermal and acoustic bulk insulation that is normally used to achieve your desired thermal and acoustic performance. E-therm is easliy installed in one application creating a vapour barrier, thermal insulation, and will also achieve high acoustic values, reducing road, aircraft, and outside noise.


E-therm comes in different widths and thicknesses to meet your building needs. E-therm also incorporates a 150mm foil flap on the longitudinal side of the product that can eliminate taping or overlapping in most building applications. This saves time and money during installation and ensures a vapour barrier that doesn’t rely on tape for it to work.

  1. Starting at the back of the gutter, roll E-therm insulation across the roof rafters or batterns ensuring that the Anti-Glare face is facing towards you during installation.
  2. Please ensure that you can achieve the desired sag between the purlins or batterns as this affects the thermal performance of the system.
  3. When joining the next roll, make sure that the 150mm foil flap overlaps the first roll. This will ensure that the product is creating a vapour barrier.
  4. All end joins should be taped with Thermotec’s recommended E-therm 75mm reinforced aluminum tape or alternatively overlapped by rafter spacing.
  5. Where necessary cut E-therm around any penetrations making sure a tight fit to minimise openings.


Thermal Performance Table 
Product Required Air Space Ventilation Summer Value Winter Value Design Drawing
E-therm 8mm AG 60mm Nominal Yes R 3.0 R 1.3 DD001
E-therm 8mm AG 60mm Nominal No R 2.6 R 1.6 DD001
E-therm 5mm AG 60mm Nominal Yes R 2.9 R 1.1 DD001
E-therm 5mm AG 60mm Nominal No R 2.5 R 1.3 DD001