Thermotec Walltherm / Rooftherm

Thermotec Walltherm/Rooftherm is a semi-rigid insulation consisting of fire retardant, low density, closed cell polyethylene foam. This product is particularly suited as an under or over roof membrane insulation. It does not break like styrene foam products and can take the weight of ballast or pavers if the roof area is also subject to pedestrian traffic.

Thermotec Walltherm/Rooftherm is for vertical and horizontal applications and can be easily cut and shaped to suit a variety of geometries. This product is suitable for use in all buildings and is Green Star compliant.

Product Dimension (Standard)

  • Thickness: 25mm & 50mm *Both thicknesses come with either foil face or plain finish
  • Width: 1m
  • Length: 2m


Benefits to the end user and specifier of using Thermotec Rooftherm and Walltherm

  • Completely free from all synthetic mineral fibres (SMFs) and therefore no special clothing including respirators is required.
  • User friendly and completely safe to handle.
  • While Rooftherm is fire retardant, in the event of ignition gases released are non-toxic: i.e. NO carbon monoxide or hydrogen cyanide.
  • No filtration problems caused by fibrous dust particle release, the likes of which may in turn cause jamming in filter sand valves.
  • Less load on fixing pins, thus reduced likelihood of product coming loose from fixings due to sagging induced strain loads.
  • Will take pedestrian traffic if installed under pavers.
  • Where access is required for services, the product is easily cut with a sharp knife and does not tear, rip or splinter.
  • Polyethylene foam is not rigid or brittle and therefore will not crack or snap when being handled or transported.
  • Rooftherm is economical, as there is low wastage due to the variety of sizes available, and is ideal where tight roof levels exist as there is no necessity to alter roof levels.
  • A range of thicknesses available to meet required ‘R’ values.
  • Fully recyclable.
  • Should not be exposed to UV or indirect or direct sunlight, either indoors or outdoors
  • Green Star compliant product.


Suggested Installation Method for Rooftherm & Walltherm

  • A minimum of five pins per sheet shall be used, preferably two at each end and one in the centre.
  • All insulation shall be installed with the edges and ends tightly butted together.Where necessary, the insulation may be easily cut using a sharp knife.