About Us

Thermotec is an Australian based manufacturer and distributor of thermal insulation, acoustic solutions and polyethylene foam products. Our extensive product range is manufactured with sustainability in mind for both domestic and commercial applications.

For over 30 years, Thermotec have continued to expand our technical abilities, plant capacity, and product range. Our 10,000 m² factory and warehouse located in Sydney Australia is testament to our commitment to delivering unrivaled quality and an extensive product range. Our “Australian Made” products are exported to China, Japan, Thailand, England, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, South Africa, South Pacific Islands, Brunei and New Zealand.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to develop customised products to meet the unique needs of our customers. Being one of the only local manufactures with the proven capability to produce hybrid polymeric closed cell foams that provides sustainable value for our customers, Thermotec has led the Australian foam market since 1987.

Innovation is an integral part of our DNA. We lead industry solutions and drive new technologies using the most advanced technologies in the world. We service a broad range of industries which include insulation, building, acoustic, leisure, toy, consumer, packaging and bedding.