May 2024

Achieving next level home acoustics with MLV

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Next Level Home Acoustics

with Our Easy to Install NuWave™ MLV

A huge Thank You to the Thermotec DIY Community!

We were overwhelmed with the response to our last post about the benefits of Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV). It's evident that our growing community is so eager to learn more about how this transformative material can take sound control to the next level in their homes. To help you make right choice for when it comes to acoustics in your home, we will delve deeper into the benefits and how easy the straightforward installation process of our NuWave™ MLV can be.

Why Choose MLV?

NuWave™ MLV is not just any soundproofing solution. It’s an Australian made premium, flexible high density material designed to significantly reduce noise— We designed this for home offices, children’s nurseries, entertainment or media rooms, and wherever you or your family needs sound controlled.

There are so many use cases for NuWave™ MLV, but what really sets it apart is the user-friendly installation process for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike.

MLV Options Tailored to Your Needs

The effectiveness of an acoustic barrier is measured using a Standard Transmission Class (STC). Our NuWave™ 4kg MLV, reduces noise by up to 26 dB and is peoples most popular choice for installation behind your plasterboard. For those looking for even higher soundproofing performance, our 6 kg (29 dB) and 8 kg (30 dB) options are perfect for premium projects where maximum noise reduction is critical.

Follow Our Simple 5-Step Installation Guide

Ready to upgrade your space with NuWave™ Base MLV? Here’s how you can install it yourself with basic tools and no need for professional help:

  1. Measure the Area: Determine the distance from the floor to the ceiling where you plan to install the NuWave™ MLV.
  1. Cut to Size: Using a straight blade cutting tool and a T-square to ensure accuracy, cut the NuWave™ Base to the required size.
  1. Install the First Length: Start at the ceiling, allowing the NuWave™ Base and drape it down evenly to the floor. Secure it into place with screws, nails, or staples.
  1. Make Precise Cuts: As you cover outlet boxes like phone and powered points, use your cutting tool to make tight cuts around them to maintain an effective soundproof seal.
  1. Cover with Plasterboard: Once the NuWave™ Base is in place, simply install your plasterboard over it. You can also seal the seams with an acoustic sealant for optimal soundproofing before you move on to finishing and painting the walls.

Detailed Installation Instructions

For a straightforward and detailed guide on the installation process, we’ve prepared an easy to follow How To Guide. Access the How-To Guide for NuWave™ Base here to ensure you have all the information you need to tackle your project like a pro.

Why DIY with NuWave™?

Installing MLV yourself not only saves on costs but also gives you control over the timing and ensuring the quality of both the product and the work. The satisfaction of completing a home improvement project on your own can not be beaten. With NuWave™ Base MLV, you can create a quieter home environment with a professional look, with your own hands.

Get Started Today!

Ready to transform your space with NuWave™ Base MLV? Visit our online store HERE for all the materials you'll need. Don’t forget to share your project results with us and join the ranks of satisfied DIYers who’ve elevated their home life with our products — At Thermotec we love celebrating your achievements!

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