May 2023

Thermotec Acoustic Testing Facilities

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Thermotec has always led the way with research and development in the manufacturing of innovative acoustic & thermal insulation solutions for a wide range of industries. With a commitment to quality and performance, we constantly strive to improve our products. As part of our ongoing research and development process, we recently created an acoustic testing facility to evaluate the acoustic performance of new products. This acoustic testing facility is a specialised area allowing Thermotec to measure the standard transmission loss for products. This is important because sound transmission can be a significant problem in many industrial and commercial residential applications where noise transmission is an issue. By testing the acoustic performance of our newly developed insulation products in-house, we are able to meet & exceed the National Construction Code Our in house acoustic testing facility was designed and constructed by our Acoustics Technical Manager David Kane who used specialised acoustic products to create an RW + CTR 40 controlled environment. Overall, the creation of the in-house acoustic testing room is a significant investment for Thermotec Being able to lead the R&D solutions in the market is critical for our continued development and growth says Managing Director Robert Attard. Our in-house acoustic testing room is a major step forward for Thermotec in our ongoing commitment to innovation and quality. By investing in this specialised facility, we are able to ensure that our insulation materials meet the highest standards for sound control and noise reduction, and we can continue to provide our customers with the best possible products.

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