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Custom Profiles

Custom Profiles

Custom Profiles

Thermotec provides high-performance next generation foams that improves on and or replaces existing technologies in the market, adding value to our customers and their business.

Thermotec can provide elastomeric foam solutions that match or exceed the properties of existing products in the market such as polyurethane, crosslinked polyethylene, Styrofoam and other legacy products. We have the capability to modify unique material characteristics such as elasticity, tensile & compressive strength, heat resistance, fire and other properties to suite your needs.

Being one of the only local manufactures with the proven capability to produce hybrid polymeric closed cell foams that provides sustainable value for our customers, Thermotec has led the Australian foam market since 1987.

Innovation is an integral part of our DNA. We lead industry solutions and drive new technologies using the most advanced technologies in the world.

If you have an existing product or new project you would like a solution for, please contact us and we respond within 48 hrs.

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