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Thermotec NuWrap 5™ Acoustic Lagging

Thermotec NuWrap 5™ Acoustic Lagging

Thermotec NuWrap 5™ Acoustic Lagging





Nuwrap 5™ Acoustic Pipe Lagging Insulation complies with NCC requirements.

NuWrap 5 exceeds this requirement with just one wrap around the pipe and a 10mm plasterboard ceiling. No additional fibre batt is required in the ceiling.

NuWrap 5™ Acoustic Lagging is Green Star compliant by meeting low VOC Compliance requirements and ODP-EMI9 requirements in that there are no Ozone depleting substances used in either the manufacturing process or the material composition.

Recent acoustic testing also confirms that NuWrap 5 continues to be compliant to the NCC requirements for habitable areas. The provisions of F7F1 of the National Construction Code 2022 Volume 1 - Building Code of Australia 1st May 2023.


  • Reduce noise in waste water pipe.
  • Reduce noise transfer between rooms.

Product dimensions:

1.35mtr x 3mtr Roll. 5mtr Roll length also available upon request.

Suit pipe diameters from 40mm to 225mm also available to suit most PVC fittings.

NuWrap 5 Acoustic Lagging is available in precut ‘Flat Pack’ products, these products are cut to different sizes for easy insulation around bends.

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